Sometimes the best bike is the one you already have. We will gladly help you get your old bike on the road again, or walk you through purchasing a new bike that fits your needs. We have a full service repair area and we fix all brands of bikes and all types. We also have a selection of new bikes from Marin Bikes, a company that has been designing and building bikes since 1985.

repair rates

install tube / tire $4-5
true wheel $8-10
install chain $3
adjust derailleur $5
adjust brakes $4
install cable $8-10
adjust hub $5
adjust headset $3
adjust bb $4
repack bearings $15

We have quick turnaround times and reasonable rates. Drop your bike off, no appointment needed.

1107 MAIN STREET, LYNCHBURG VA 24504 / 434-385-4431 / EST. 2001